Identifying a Course Structure

Instructional planning is comprised of the planning of all course learning activities both in and out of class.

When planning any aspect of a course, you should first consider the context of the specific lesson in the entire course, and how it relates to the course goals and learning outcomes. As you plan instruction, you will need to dissect the broad learning outcomes for major concepts or complex skills into supporting outcomes.

These supporting outcomes then become the basis of instructional planning.

The image shows a course structure composed by 1 course goal divided into 3 course learning outcomes where each course learning outcome spreads to 3 supporting outcomes.

Planning an Instructional Unit

The four phases of instruction is a scalable model and should be integrated into your instruction, whether you are planning a single class or a series of classes to cover an entire concept/chapter. You can use either the CTL’s Lesson Planning Template or Unit Planning Template to guide you through the planning process of each phase of instruction.

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Instructional unit table shows guiding questions and principles that professors need to reflect on at each step of the instructional model: introduction, presentation, practice, application. For each step, the table provides examples of activities. To visualize content, please download the Instructional Planning Summary PDF.