Zoom Hack #2: Managing what you and students see while sharing your screen

If you are like me, you may find it very challenging when sharing your screen on Zoom to follow the chat or monitor when students raise their hands. Luckily, I have found a super easy workaround that lets you share your slides (or other windows) while also being able to view the chatbox, participant list and even your slide notes!

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Zoom Hack #1: Use Polls on the fly with “generic questions”

If you like to use poll questions in your classes but do not want to input countless polls into Zoom before class, there is a good workaround that I have been using to make it easier (and less work!) to use polling in your virtual class.

Online training in empathic mode

An empathic pedagogy has been shown to benefit feelings of trust, enjoyment of study, motivation and engagement in learning, the development and strengthening of a bond between teacher and learners, the creation of a positive learning environment, the development of a sense of belonging to the group, the valuing of learning, and educational success.

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