Bringing concepts to action

Now that you have completed the Assessment Planning Module the next step is to consolidate your learning. Download the Write your Assessment Planning DOC. This document will guide you through the steps to writing and/or reviewing your assessment planning.




An essential component for consolidating your learning is also to assess and reflect on how your knowledge has changed. Take a moment to evaluate your learning through the following 5 statements. Decide where you would situate yourself for each. If you select ‘Unsure’ for any or would like to develop further in any area, you  can request a consultation through A learning expert from the CTL will contact you to book a meeting.

    STEP 3


    Assessment planning that aligns all evaluation activities with your course learning outcomes and promotes a balanced grade distribution is essential to robust course design. When you identify which learning outcomes you are evaluating with each activity, you ensure that your assessments measure the knowledge, skills and attributes specific to your course curriculum and clarify the level of learning you expect students to achieve. As a final activity in this module, take a moment to reflect on how your assessment plan supports your commitment to teaching excellence.

    Take a moment to consider these questions.

    • How have I adapted / improved my assessment plan after this module?

    • Am I ready to add my assessment plan to my course syllabus?

    • How will a more explicit assessment plan and transparent grading criteria benefit me and my students?

    • Have I devised strategies to reduce the grading workload?


    To design assessments that are effective in evaluating learning and engaging for students: