Bringing concepts to action

Now that you have completed the Active Learning Module the next step is to consolidate your learning. Download the Active Learning Techniques PDF. This document presents of range of active learning techniques for you to choose from. Review them carefully and select one that you can use, or adapt, to provide your students with practice and critically engage them with a concept or topic in your course. Use the Tips for Getting Started with Active Learning page to help you plan. If you have specific questions on implementation or adaptations, book a consultation with the CTL.



An essential component for consolidating your learning is also to assess and reflect on how your knowledge has changed. Take a moment to evaluate your learning through the following 5 statements. Decide where you would situate yourself for each. If you select ‘Unsure’ for any or would like to develop further in any area, you have the option to fill out the Request a Consultation fields with your name and email. A learning expert from the CTL will contact you to book a meeting.

    STEP 3


    Learning outcomes are the cornerstone of good course design. They clarify your learning expectations for your students and guide your assessment planning and teaching activities. As a final activity in this module, take a moment to reflect on how your learning outcome statements support your commitment to teaching excellence.

    Take a moment to consider these questions.

    • Am I able to identify an active learning technique that is appropriate to my teaching context? (learning objectives, class size, discipline, my teaching style, etc.) 

    • Am I ready to experiment with an active learning technique in my class?

    • How will get students to see the value of the learning activity? 

    • What constraints might my physical classroom space pose during an Active learning activity?  How will I adjust for this? 

    • Am I prepared to face the success or failure that will come with my experimentation? 

    Congratulations on completing Active Learning Module!

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