Earn a CTL Teaching Excellence Credential (TEC)

Now that you have completed the Teaching Academy Course Path for Course Design, we encourage you to take the final step towards earning a CTL Teaching Excellence Credential (TEC).

As Instructor, you know that to truly learn something, you must be able to apply your learning in context. For our Course Paths, this entails enacting a change in your pedagogical values or teaching approach.

Course Path for Course Design

On the Course Path for Course Design, your learning may have impacted change with your course learning outcome statements, your assessment plan, your instructional planning, or all of the aforementioned.  That change can be small, incremental or radical.

Credential prerequisites

To obtain your TEC, we ask you to share evidence of your change. The way you decide to demonstrate that change is flexible. You may choose to undertake a course alignment exercise by documenting your course re-design in the CTL’s course alignment template. You may opt to reflect and discuss an aspect of your learning curve (success or failure) with the Concordia teaching community through a CTL blog post, with a presentation at a CTL event. You may prefer to engage in a discussion with a learning expert at the CTL, or you select another means for sharing what you have learned – the choice is yours!

The CTL Teaching Excellence Credential will be a nice addition to your Teaching Dossier in support of your commitment to and investment in teaching excellence.

Please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning to plan the final step in earning your TEC.